– When one thinks of Indigenous Peoples, the Native Americans of North America, Mayan of Central America, Pygmy Peoples of Africa, and Aborigines of Australia come to mind. According to the United Nations, there are over 370 million Indigenous Peoples spread across 70 countries, worldwide. On September 9, 2007, 143 nations voted on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This is affirming that indigenous people are equal to all other people […]

February 12th Meeting

We are pleased to announce for 2015, we are partnering with Enki Brewing to bring you local craft beer. Pints will be for sale throughout the festival. Proceeds will benefit the non-profit Nordic Heritage Club of Carver County, the founding organization of Nordic Music Festival. About Enki: ENKI Brewing is the 20+ year culmination of the friendship between two beer lovers. John Hayes and Dan Norton met working for NIKE in the early-80s and a […]

New for 2015: Enki Brewing on site!

Performers: Finn Hall, an active Finnish performing group will share their music at the festival. They have played in Carver County, several times before. More information about Finn Hall can be found at Ivares Pojkarna will be joining the music festival. This group, Paul Dahlin, Daniel Dahlin, and Bruce Johnson, is a Swedish Folk Fiddling team with their music brought to the US by their father/grandfather, Ivares Edwin Johnson. Ballade will be back […]

Everything you need to know about Nordic Music Fest 2015

TENT                                                                     CAFE Vasa Junior Dancers          10:15                      Elise Värsk Spelmän                  10:50                      ASI Male Chorus ASI Cloudberries                11:25                      Becky Weis Finn Hall                            12:00                      Vasa Junior Folk Dancers Finn Hall                            12:35                      Värsk Spelmän Art and Mel                          1:10                      ASI Cloudberries ASI Male Chorus                   1:45                      SVIKT Becky Weis                           2:20                     Finn Hall Ivares Pojkarna                       2:55                     Ballade SVIKT                                    3:30                     Art and Mel Ballade                                   4:10                     Ivares Pojkarna

2015 Schedule

Affiliated with Vasa Order of America, Minnesota District No. 7 The Vasa Junior dancers are sponsored by the Vasa Lodges in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The dancers learn a variety of Swedish folk dances, songs & cultural customs. Parents (and dancers 14 years and older) are encouraged, to join one of the Twin Cities Vasa Lodges, including: 137-RUNEBERG, 138-STENBOCK, 433-KRONAN, and 488-JOHN MORTON. Parents and dancers are welcome to visit lodge meetings.

Entertainment: Vasa Jr Folkdancers

Versk Spelman is a Swedish Folk music group from the Twin Cities specializing in Western Dalarna music. This group is made up of Carolyn Spargo, Annika Spargo, Thomas Spargo, Antonio Spargo, and Julie Anderson.

Entertainers: Versk Spelman

The ASI Cloucberries is an open Swedish women’s choir that meets at the American Swedish Institute (2600 Park Ave) on Thursday evenings from 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its mission is to perform authentic Swedish music for audiences who are interested in ethnic music, and to entertain the Swedish American community. They perform both a cappella and is accompanied by guitar, accordion, fiddle, clarinet, piano and bodhran . Their repertoire ranges from […]

Entertainment: ASI Cloudberries

It’s that time of year again. Get nightmares over the sight and smell of lutefisk as the Swedes and Norwegians battle out their differences over a lutefisk toss. You read that right. Contestants representing their heritage will attempt to toss fillets of lutefisk into a bucket in order to score a point. We suggest those standing in the “wet” zone bring some protection and clothespins. You won’t want to miss it.

Annual Lutefisk Toss

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